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7" Lampe sett `Bright Driver`
7" Lampe sett `Bright Driver`
'Bright Driver' Headlights
You will no longer worry about what is front of you in the road when driving at night. This kit provides all the visibility and convenience of a late model headlight system that easily mounts into many early hot rods that use 7" round headlights. Detroit Speed has developed a headlight kit for early hot rods that features two Bright Driver headlights and bulbs with the wiring pigtails attached. The Bright Driver headlights provide superior visibility when compared with the original and are a direct replacement for the original glass sealed beam lamps. The DSE headlights are 0.8 pounds lighter than stock. No additional mounting components are required. These headlights use a replaceable halogen bulb (9007, found in local parts stores) and provide up to 1500 hours of low beam light. The bulb and connector are sealed, preventing lamp leakage and connector corrosion. The Gore-Tex vent provides a one-way filter for water vapor to escape, and the polycarbonate lens is up to 30 times more impact resistant than glass.
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